Richard Price – Favorite Books


Richard Price’s first novel, The Wanderers, is a coming-of-age story revolving around several young, violent gang members in 1960’s New York.  The novel, which Price wrote in his early 20s, is oft-cited as a literary masterpiece amongst his peers. Since that time, Price published Clockers (subsequently adapted into a film directed by Spike Lee), BloodbrothersFreedomland, Lush Life, and The Whites (published under the pen name, Harry Brandt).  Along with fellow novelists Dennis Lehane and George Pelecanos, Price wrote for the cult-classic The Wire, and, most recently, wrote the screenplay for HBO’s miniseries, The Night Of.  Below is a selection of Price’s favorite novels.  Feel free to click on the images for more information (via Amazon).

Red Cavalry

Revolutionary Road

Wise Blood: A Novel (FSG Classics)

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White Noise: (Penguin Orange Collection)

The Room and the Chair

The Plot Against America

American Pastoral: American Trilogy (1) (Vintage International)

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Old School

This Boy’s Life: A Memoir

Cold Snap: Stories

The Friends of Eddie Coyle: A Novel

Dogfight, A Love Story

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The Postman Always Rings Twice

Double Indemnity

Rum Punch: A Novel

Swag: A Novel

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Last Exit to Brooklyn (Evergreen Book)

City of Night

Tropic of Cancer

The Essential Lenny Bruce

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