Jonathan Littell’s Favorite Books


The favorite books of author, Jonathan Littell, are examined below (courtesy of Telerama, a French site Littell kindly directed us to).  Littell is best known for his classic war epic, The Kindly Ones: A Novel, which details the experiences of Nazi SS Officer, Dr. Max Aue, during WWII.  While the novel has been proclaimed a masterpiece by numerous literary critics and authors (including several examined on this site), its subject matter has nevertheless proven controversial – in The Kindly Ones, Dr. Aue often bears witness to, and at times partakes in, grisly and pitiless acts of violence against the political enemies of the Third Reich.  Throughout the novel’s 1,000 pages, Littell questions how seemingly normal and ordinary people can be transformed into callous mass murderers.

Feel free to click on the images of any of the books detailed below for more information (via Amazon).


Madness of the Day

Blue of Noon

Three Novels: Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable

Life and Fate

A Hero Of Our Time

Hadji Murat

Bartleby, The Scrivener A Story of Wall-Street

Moby Dick

Franz Kafka: The Complete Stories

Sentimental Education

Absalom, Absalom! The Corrected Text

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If you have not yet experienced Littell’s epic WWII novel, The Kindly Ones, we strongly recommend checking it out:

The Kindly Ones: A Novel

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