PC Worship’s Justin Frye – Favorite Albums


Justin Frye, frontman, chief songwriter, guitarist, and singer for the Brooklyn-based experimental punk rock group PC Worship, recently provided us with a list of his favorite records, which you can find below.  Over the past few years, PC Worship has released several albums, including 2014’s Social Rust and 2017’s Buried Wish (two of our personal favorites), to critical acclaim.  Frye and other bandmates embrace an unconstrained and freewheeling recording process – often utilizing  homemade instruments, including a stripped-down guitar configured with a water bottle to hold up the strings (dubbed a shitar by the band) – and lo-fi recording techniques to create the band’s unique sound.  In addition to PC Worship, in 2016, Frye and another Brooklyn-based band, the Parquet Courts, formed the group PCPC – releasing the album Ramsgate via Dull Tools that same year.

This past week, PC Worship released the album Future Phase, which we strongly recommend checking out.  For more information on any of the albums below, feel free to click on the associated image (via Amazon).


The Fugs Second Album

Torch of the Mystics


The Condor

Album – Generic Flipper

Bye Bye Butterfly

Velvet Underground & Hole (Cover) – Pale Blue Eyes

How To Slip Away

Girl in a Band: A Memoir (Audiobook)

A Love Supreme

Interstellar Space


Slip It In

The Process of Weeding Out

Science Fiction

Teenage Pet Sounds

Outside the Dream Syndicate

Cats & Dogs by ROYAL TRUX

Woman at Night

Television Man

City of Glass: Stan Kenton Plays Bob Graettinger

Locust Abortion Technician

Eagle Claw

In My Dream I Shot a Monk / Hat and Beard




If you are unfamiliar with any of Frye’s music, do yourself a favor and check out the following albums:

Social Rust

Buried Wish

Future Phase

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