Ravi Shavi’s Rafay Rashid – Favorite Albums


Rafay Rashid, frontman of the garage pop band Ravi Shavi, recently provided us with a list of his favorite albums, which you can find below.  Originally hailing from Islamabad, Pakistan, Rashid’s family emigrated to Rhode Island in his youth.  Ravi Shavi’s superb self-titled first album was released in 2015 via indie imprint Almost Ready Records.  In an April 2015 interview with Consequence of Sound, Rashid described the album’s single, Accidental, as follows: “[t]he song, in all its frenzy, is really about enacting a machine-like vision of an emotional collapse — it’s about removing the human skull to expose a mess of faulty brain wiring that somehow manages to stick together. It’s about connecting that exposed mess to someone else’s brain and hoping the whole thing doesn’t blow.”  Check out the official video of the song here:

Ravi Shavi built upon the success of their first album with another pop masterpiece with the EP Independent, released in 2016 (check out the official video for “Hot”, the album’s first single below). The group’s next album, Blackout Deluxe is scheduled to be released later this year.

For more information on any of the albums below, feel free to click on the associated image (via Amazon).


Talking Heads ’77

London Calling

Is This It

The Wall

The Sound of Wonder!

Honorable Mentions

Art Isn’t Real (City Of Sin)

Grey Romantic

Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!

Sailing To Philadelphia

Beatles’ One

Best Of Bee Gees

If you are unfamiliar with Ravi Shavi, we strongly recommend checking out the following:

Ravi Shavi


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