Bret Easton Ellis – Favorite Films


A comprehensive list of the favorite films of author Bret Easton Ellis are examined below.  Last year, we examined the favorite books of Ellis, which you can find at the following link: Bret Easton Ellis – Favorite Books.  Fans of Ellis know that he is an avid lover of cinema, frequently discussing various films on social media and on his podcast, The Bret Easton Ellis Podcast (we strongly recommend checking it out).  Several of Ellis’ novels were adapted into films, including Less Than Zero, starring Robert Downey Jr.; The Rules Of Attraction, starring James van der Beek and Jessica Biel; and American Psycho, starring Christian Bale in the iconic lead role as the sadistic Patrick Bateman.  Ellis’ next book, simply titled White, is scheduled for release on April 16, 2019.  The book, which combines personal reflection and social observation, will represent Ellis’ first work of nonfiction and is being advertised by its publisher, Knopf, as “an incendiary polemic about this young century’s failings, e-driven and otherwise, and at once an example, definition, and defense of what “freedom of speech” truly means.”

For more information on any of the films below, feel free to click on the associated image (via Amazon).


In a 2016 Criterion article, Ellis named the following 10 films as his favorites of all time.


Days of Heaven

Don’t Look Now


The Kid with a Bike

The Last Picture Show

Mulholland Drive

In a prior post, we examined the favorite books and films of Mulholland Drive’s director David Lynch: David Lynch’s Favorite Books, Films & Artist


Rosemary’s Baby

The Silence of the Lambs

Recently, Ellis listed his favorite films between 2010 – 2017:

I’m Still Here (2010)

Margaret (2011)

Magic Mike (2012)

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

We examined the favorite films of Martin Scorsese in a subsequent post: Martin Scorsese – Favorite Films

Force Majeure (2014)

Wild Tales (2015)

Elle (2016)

Phantom Thread (2017)

In a prior post, we examined the favorite films of Phantom Thread’s director Paul Thomas Anderson:

In addition to the foregoing, on his website,, Ellis recommends the following films:


The JT Leroy Story

De Palma

Green Room

Sunset Song

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