Dan Melchior – Favorite Albums


Dan Melchior, one of our favorite artists and musicians, recently provided us with a list of his favorite albums, which are examined below.  Melchior emigrated from London, England to the United States in 2000 and almost immediately established himself as an prominent force in the underground music scene after releasing numerous solo projects and records with Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue and Dan Melchior und das Menace (“and the Menace” in German). Melchior has collaborated with several musicians over the years including, most notably, Billy Childish and Holly Golightly.  If you are unfamiliar with any of Melchior’s music, which is unquestionably distinctive and possesses more heart and soul than the majority of “garage-rock” records released in the last decade, we strongly recommend checking out the albums Thankyou Very MuchChristmas for the CrowsHello, I’m Dan Melchior; and Catbirds & Cardinals.

In addition to being a prolific songwriter, Melchior is an accomplished artist, and frequently posts his artwork on his Facebook and Instagram (melchiordan) accounts where you can contact him for purchase inquiries.

For more information on any of the albums below, feel free to click on the associated image (via Amazon).


1. Jim Shepard – Slit and Pre-Slit


2. David Steven Crafts – Soap opera suite
3. Wayne Jarrett – Showcase Vol. 1

4. Dock Boggs – First recordings

5. Lee Perry – Revolution Dub

6. Glen Brown and King Tubby – Termination Dub

7. The Fall – Hex Enduction Hour

8. The Fall –  Are you are missing winner

9. Les Rallizes Denudes – Everything

10. The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers

11. Captain Beefheart – Trout Mask Replica

12. Shadow Ring – Lighthouse


13 Alternative TV – The Image Has Cracked

14. The Reflections – Slugs and Toads

15. Department Store Santas – Live at the Medieval Castle


16. Lard Free – First LP

17. Pussy Galore – Right Now

18. James Carr – You Got My Mind Messed Up

19.  Sun Ra – Out There a Minute Comp

20. Franco Battiato – Pollution

21. Can – Monster Movie

22. Can – Tago Mago

23. Miles Davis – Everything From 1969 to 1975 – Esp. Pangea

24. Ornette Coleman – Everything – Particularly Dancing in Your Head

25. Larry Young – Lawrence of Newark

26. Sanford Clark – They Call Me Country

download (1)

27. Philippe Grancher – 3000 Miles Away

28. Rock Critics- T.V. Show

download (2)

29. Prominent Disturbance – s/t

30. ZZ Top – Tejas

31. Henry Flynt and Nova Billy – s/t

32. Alex Chilton – Like Flies on Sherbert

33. Alex Chilton – Dusted in Memphis

download (3)

34. 13th Floor Elevators – Bull of the Woods

35. Barrington Levy – Run Come Ya

download (4)

36. Tommy Jay – Tall Tales of Trauma

37. Willie Lane – Guitar Army of One

download (5)

38. Everly Bros – Beat and Soul

39. Derek Batey – Mr. and Mrs.

download (6)

40. Syd Barrett – The Madcap Laughs

*   *   *

Recommended albums by Dan Melchior:

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